Enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and casual bowling that's all about the fun of bowling at Dale's Weston Lanes. Grab your family, friends or co-workers and put together a bowling league team. We have leagues for all ages including youth, adult and senior leagues. What a great way to spend time with friends and meet new people!

Dale's Weston Lanes bowling leagues are a mix of men and women of all skill levels. We offer league bowling every night of the week. No matter your skill level, we have a great league for you to join. We offer couples leagues on the weekends, every other week. From Handicap to Scratch, there is a league for everyone. If you can imagine it, we likely have a league for that! We make league bowling a great way to improve your game and a great way to have fun. All your hard work pays off at our league party, with cash prizes, trophies and individual awards for a season well played! Contact us today to join a bowling league!

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Local Bowling Leagues - Weston Lanes - Weston, WI
Bowling Tournament Trophies - Weston, WI

Bowling League Scores

6:30 pm - Mixers - Standings
7:00 pm - Men's Team HDCP - Standings

9:55 am - Seniors Colored Pin League - Standings
6:00 pm - Women & Wine - Standings
7:00 pm - Men's Classic - Standings
7:00 pm - Bowlers and Beer - Standings

5:20 pm - 3-Man - Standings
7:00 pm - 5-man HDCP - Standings

7:00 pm - Ladies Scratch - Standings
7:00 pm - 5-man HDCP - Standings
7:00 pm - Knights of Columbus - Standings

6:30 pm - Kim's BS Early Couples - Standing
6:30 pm - Strikers -Couples - Standings
9:00 pm - Oddmooners - Couples - Standings

10:00 am - Juniors Youth Mix - Standings
10:00 am - Bantams Youth Mix - Standings

6:30 pm - Combined - Couples - Standings
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